Consortia Meeting of the European Long-Term Ecosystem Research Network (eLTER)

The Institute of Biodiversity and Ecosystem Research (IBER) will host the annual Consortia Meeting of the three Horizon 2020 projects (PPP, PLUS and EnRich) dedicated to creating the European Research Infrastructures Consortium of the European Long-Term Ecosystem Research Network (eLTER). The meeting will be held on 3-7 June, in Sofia, Bulgaria. With the kind support of the Bulgarian Academy of Sciences, its first day will be convened in the festive Marin Drinov hall of the Academy.

In the past 15 years, the Bulgarian Long-Term Ecosystem Research Network (LTER-BG) consisting of IBER, the Institute of Oceanology, University of Forestry and Institute of Forestry, has been active as a member of eLTER. With over 500 sites for long-term monitoring across all biogeographical zones of Europe and the Near East, eLTER is an essential contributor to world-wide efforts to better understand ecosystems that are led by the International Long-Term Ecosystem Research Network (ILTER). Through research and observation, ILTER seeks to improve our knowledge of the structure and functions of ecosystems and their long-term response to environmental, societal and economic drivers.

The eLTER Network collects and offers harmonised and standardised data, services and training useful to citizens and experts in their joint efforts to find sustainable solutions to the Grand Societal Challenges (incl. Biodiversity loss, Biogeochemical controls of ecosystem functions, Climate-water-food nexus and Socio-ecological systems).

Please visit the webpages of eLTER ( for more information on the meeting and its outcomes.